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Welcome to The Psi Corps

The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father.

Note: This site may contain seditious and inflammatory propaganda that is in direct violation to the guidelines laid down by the Psi Corps. The Psi Corps is not responsible for information contained there and recommends to use it exclusively for intelligence gathering purpose.


06//99 It's not finished yet, but it's posted!!! *BIG GRIN*

And now, since I only created this site, but not Babylon 5, some stuff for the lawyers:

J. Michael Straczynski -- The Great Maker

"Babylon 5", the Babylon 5 logo, all publicity photos and images from the series are copyright © and trademark (TM); 1992-1999, PTN Consortium. Babylon 5, characters, names, and all related indicia are trademarks of Time Warner Entertainment Co., LP. © 1997 Time Warner Entertainment Co., LP. All Rights Reserved.

If anyone has a problem with the things I posted on this site, or believes I infringed on his copyrights, please contact me and give me a chance to solve the problem before you call your lawyer...

Of course I would also be very glad if you had any ideas how I could make this site better...or if you told me about any mistakes I did (also grammatical ones, since English isn't my mother tongue :-) ).You know, I'm not "an annoying self-righteous arrogant one with self-important delusions of godhood" (at least I hope so ;-) )

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